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“It matters not if the medicine is new or old, body and spirit will follow the path to balance and healing.”
-Pueblo Shaman

What We Do

Integrated Care

At Bear Creek we combine alternative modalities along with conventional medicine to offer many options to restore health and promote wellness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments; Prolotherapy; Homeopathy; Glandular Therapy; Homotoxycology; Nutritional Therapy; Conventional Medicine are some of the modalities used.

Acupuncture - This modality has been used for more than 4,000 thousand years. Through the precise placement of needles, it helps to reset the energy system by balancing the flow of Qi within the body. Proven clinically it releases endogenous hormones among them endorphins and steroids, to quell pain and help decrease the inflammatory responses of many diseases.

Response to acupuncture varies, according to the underlying problem and can be used by itself or combined with other medical treatments like Electro acupuncture and Moxibustion. Its effects are cumulative over time and provide ample options for the painful and debilitated patient.

Herbal treatments - Chinese and Western herbal formulas have been used for centuries and in most cases, herbal treatments can be added to any medical plan to improve body function, balance energy and hormones, and relieve pain and skin ailments.

It is important that the practitioner is versed in these modalities to obtain the most benefit. Herbal treatments can be in powder or tablet form, and are generally well-accepted by our animal patients. 

Homeopathy - This is a therapeutic method that uses micro-doses of natural substances to relieve symptoms. Homeopathy has been used for more than 200 years, building a remarkable safety record and generating a great body of knowledge. The term Homeopathy comes from the Greek words homeo, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning suffering or disease. Homeopathy is an alternative medical system that was founded in Germany during the 18th century. Homeopathic medicines have been regulated by the FDA since 1938. 

Conventional Medicine - This modality has many applications. It is the misuse of it, which causes problems. The diagnostic tools available in Western medicine, like blood work for body function, vaccine titers, X-rays of joints and organs, ultrasound, and others are essential in completing a clinical diagnosis and helping to round up and compliment the treatment plan.

Prolotherapy - This modality involves the injection of small doses of vitamins, Homeopathics and other natural substances into key areas of the body. This is done to relieve pain, stimulate muscles that are atrophied, and reduce inflammation. 

Homotoxycology - Homotoxycology is an approach to healing that integrates the treatment principles of homeopathy with the diagnostic approach of allopathic medicine. Developed over fifty years ago in Germany, this modality is becoming more widely practiced in the United States. The goal of this treatment is to detoxify the body and restore the body’s natural biorhythms. For those with health challenges, Homotoxycology maintains that health cannot be achieved without ridding the body of toxins. Homotoxycology involves using homeopathic remedies to facilitate the removal of toxins and stimulate the body’s capacity to heal itself. The practice of therapeutic medicine
incorporates the philosophy that each being possesses an innate self-healing mechanism that can prevent and treat illness.

Patients are evaluated for presenting medical symptoms, diagnoses, history, lifestyle factors, and other issues related to body, mind, and spirit. After a comprehensive analysis, homeopathic remedies are recommended to treat acute symptoms, build internal functional strength, and ultimately cleanse the underlying toxicity causing the patient’s ailments.

Nutritional therapy - This modality has the old adage “We are what we eat” and is directed to guide the patient into knowing thyself, physiologically, hormonally, and spiritually to help chose the best foods and supplements indicated for the present condition. In this case the Holistic Veterinarian is going to modify, with your help, the type of food and supplements that your animal companion needs to balance their energy and achieve a better state of health.

Glandular Therapy - The history of using glandular therapy is rooted in ancient cultures who believed that the health of function of a specific body part could be enhanced by consuming the same organ from a specific animal. The growing field of endocrinology and functional medicine, with its awareness and understanding of the roles hormones play in our health, has helped to support acceptance of this concept today.

Glandulars are concentrated extracts made directly from animal organs/ tissues that are used to help address depleted levels of natural substances in the body. In the case of our neutered and spayed companions this modality is of utmost importance.

What we doHospice Care

Better quality of life for your animal companion is our first priority. In a spiritual sense it is the most rewarding. We provide guidance for the hospice care needed to soothe and comfort. Many animals enjoy their days more fully and some have an amazing increased longevity. Dr. Gonzalez will offer an honest opinion on when an animal needs to transition with dignity. It is important to make an appointment as soon as you have a diagnosis since holistic care can make a difference in many chronic illnesses.

Wellness Care

For our established patients we offer vaccine titers, heartworm tests, and wellness visits. We do see quite a few puppies and our patients are happy to get set up from the start on a good nutrition plan and well-spaced vaccines.